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Double Dragons - Double Dead!

Wulfhere, Jan 29, 11 6:07 PM.
CBW and friends put the hit out on the double dragons last night and closed them out by evenings end. Thanks to our dedicated raiders and friends who helped close out these bosses.


We're Back!

Wulfhere, Jan 29, 11 6:06 PM.
After some hard work CBW put Halfus down for the first time. It was a great fight and everyone certainly earned the victory.


Prof. Dead! News at 11.

Wulfhere, Sep 4, 10 7:01 PM.

CBW and friends took down the Professor for the first time last night. Congrast to all who participated in the epic fight.


Festergut Gutted!

Wulfhere, Mar 8, 10 3:06 PM.
There hasn't been a lot of news lately but we have been busy working on Icexrown Citadel! This weekend Festergut was taken out, next week we'll look to add blood council and others to the list of the defeated.


Clan Blackwatch Storms Ulduar

Wulfhere, May 4, 09 11:22 AM.
After only two weeks in we're halfway through! Bosses have been dropping left and right including: Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, XT, Ignis, The Iron Council, Kolgarn and Auriya. Congrats to everyone who has come and fought the good fight!

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